SciStart helps connect innovations and grow careers

In the new science age, scientists are facing tremendous challenges. Some of these these challenges are growing competitive environment, emphasis on translational research, and diverging interests between academia and industry. In recent years, the gap between academia and industry has widened, thus making it even harder for scientists to find translational relevance and grow their careers.

SciStart is developing a unique solution to relieve this growing problem

We are building an interactive platform that enables scientists to showcase their research and publications, as well as link them with other innovations. This new ecosystem enables scientists to start innovation profiles and put themselves on the innovation map.

In other words, we are helping bring scientists and their research and innovations to new heights.

Our Mission

  • - Help scientists showcase their research and publications, build translational relevance and grow their careers.
  • - Help industry find the most relevant and competent talent and innovations for competitive growth.
  • - Help universities commercialize from their research and innovations and communicate efficiently with the industry.

Our Team

Elmar Nurmemmedov
Thomas Mortensen
Robert Hale
Shahin Hadjikuliev

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