Why should you join SciStart?

We understand that there are literally thousands of different companies out there vying for your time and attention. You have probably already joined a number of different social media platforms and are thinking ‘What can I get out of another platform? How is SciStart different from LinkedIn and facebook and everything else out there? How is SciStart going to help me in my career?’ 

These are great questions. There are new companies popping up on the web every day and it can be difficult to tell which will help you and which will just waste your time.

So how is SciStart different?

  1. We focus only on science.
  2. We are open to everyone interested in science. We don’t exclude academics or industry professionals or business people. We believe that the best and easiest way to develop ideas is to get smart people with all sorts of different expertise to work together.
  3. We focus on the very early and risky stage of idea development. This is a black hole in the business development pipeline – incubators, accelerators and funders do not want to help people at this stage.

What can SciStart do for you?

  1. Networking. Yes many people would rather poke themselves in an eye than network, but networking is essential to finding a new job, finding new clients or finding new business partners/opportunities. And you need to start building relationships before you really need something. You can’t expect to find an awesome industry job at the first networking event you attend. It can be a lot easier to put in some networking groundwork online than in person (although you should do both). SciStart is a community of scientists, medical professionals, engineers, entrepreneurs, business experts and service providers who are open to meeting and helping new people.
  2. Idea development. One of our primary goals is to help people who have an idea for a biotech product but aren’t sure how to turn it into reality. It isn’t easy for scientists to learn about business development, pitching, clinical trials, FDA applications and everything else that goes into starting and running a successful biotech company. You can’t do everything yourself, but it can be hard to find the right people to help you when you are starting out. SciStart fills that void. We have experts to help you navigate all the pitfalls you face when starting up.
  3. Career transitions. Academics are often told that there isn’t enough room for everyone to stay in academia, but it can also be very difficult to transition to industry if you don’t know the right people. You also need the right contacts if you want to change jobs within industry. The first step is to decide what you really want to do. Often you need to talk to people in different positions to work that out. Then it really helps if you have a connection in the company you want to work for. Being part of a community like SciStart and joining discussions and offering your expertise is a great way to connect with people. You may even find a team of entrepreneurs looking for someone with your knowledge and skills to join their startup.

SciStart is free and takes two minutes to join here: www.scistart.co.

We want to build the most useful tools to help biotech ideas off the ground, but also want to help all scientists to advance their careers. We would love to hear your opinions and suggestions in the comments below or at hi@scistart.co.


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