What is Biotech?

Here at SciStart we define biotech as any technology related to biology. That means any treatment that improves the health of humans, animals or the environment and any technology that uses biological organisms.

Many people think of biotech as searching for new medicines and that is a very important part of it, but biotech also includes many other things such as diagnostic tests, medical devices like pacemakers, reagents to do experiments, software to help track patient health, agricultural equipment, biofuels, surgical tools and suture material, and many other technologies.

The biotech industry needs scientists, medical professionals, engineers, IT experts and business people to all work together to create new technologies. It also needs patients, patient advocacy groups and science lovers to tell us what you need us to invent.

Biotech has many faces – it is much more than you think at first glance. Join SciStart for free at www.scistart.co to learn more. 

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