What is SciStart?

SciStart is an online community for people interested in biotech and life sciences. It's a place where you can meet, and interact with, bio-entrepreneurs and inventors, investors and industry experts. If you have a biotech idea or question, you can post it as a discussion and get feedback from our community. If you have a patented technology, you can use our platform to do market research and technology valuation. If you are looking for a job, you can reach out to industry professionals and become part of discussions to raise your profile. If you are looking to employ, you can find search for people with the skills and attitudes you require.

SciStart was born out of the frustration with how the life sciences industry is segregated — Pharma, small biotechs and academia function separately rather than as complementary parts of a cohesive whole. There is no simple and easy way for investors to find all the new ideas and emerging technologies out there. Likewise, inventors and entrepreneurs have no centralized way of finding out who is most likely to invest in their technology. This segregation means that biotech, and life sciences in general, do not operate as efficiently as they could. Just as an example, it costs on average more than a billion dollars to bring a drug to market. And over 90% of biotech startup companies fail.

The answer is to get everyone together — to let investors find the new ideas quickly, to let inventors connect with the right people who have the money and expertise to push their ideas and technologies towards success.

The answer is SciStart — biotech startup community.

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